Poland is part of the main Portuguese export destinations for the European markets.

The attractiveness of the polish market is owned mainly to its dimension, geographic position and the capacity to absorb foreign products, presenting therefore interesting business opportunities in sectors in which Portugal might broaden its businesses or enter with its quality products such as the case of building materials, home, fashion, agri food, moulds and machinery, pharmaceutical products, innovation and services.

Portuguese companies face some difficulties in the polish market, such as the fact of this market being very competitive, with a strong presence of local and foreign companies of high quality where the Portuguese companies might find some difficulties if they don’t have an adequate, aggressive and persistent internationalization strategy. To this we can add the traditional "Polish nationalism” and some "protectionism” and preference for local companies and the public administration burocracy that we can state in the high number of documents and necessary permits for any administrative proceeding.

This country is one of the main direct Portuguese investments destinies in the outside, positioning itself in the 7th place.

A couple of Portuguese companies are installed in Poland with a remarkable success, and have been like anchors in the mobilization and drawing attention to the business and investment opportunities in Poland.