News - Hearing at the weapons and explosives Police Department


Hearing at the weapons and explosives Police Department

ANIET had a meeting on the 18th of April with the weapons and explosives Police Department, where were discussed some business themes and concerns that affect the sector, with focus on:
  • Traceability. It was planned a new clarifying session meant for companies in an environment where the Police could register the way how the operations went in this first year and at the same time clarify doubts that may subsist.
  • The importance of promoting the rebirth of the work group, created by the dispatch number 23 935/2007, whose purpose was the revision of legislation concerning explosives, to review the need of a fixed ammunition deposit for small consumers (avoiding this way the collect of leftovers), shared ammunition deposits for groups of quarries and the reduction of bureaucracy in the permits for acquisition and employment of explosives.
  • Collaboration protocol for specific training in the explosives area