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SIAC Internationalization Project

Stone Export+
Project No.º 37653
Support within the scope of the Competitiveness and Internationalization Operational Program

Approval Date: 24/10/2018
Start Date: 15/11/2018
End Date: 13/11/2021

ABSTRACT: Stone Export+, a project of International promotion of the Natural Stone Sector. Through the presence in international markets, it implements a communication campaign that promotes the values and competences of the Sector, aggregated to an international event on national soil.

OBJECTIVES: Regarding the four areas of activity of the previous project, each one can be divided into the following complementary objectives:
1. Collaborate in the effort of repositioning the business fabric.
2. Identification of opportunities and constraints of accessing new markets, and taking advantage of existing synergies in the already consolidated markets, as well as in the penetration into new markets to increase the exports of the Portuguese companies of the sector.
3. Promote the potential of the sector in the international markets.
4. Trigger promotional actions that facilitate the subsequent access of all Portuguese companies to the target markets of the actions;
5. Development of internationalization collaborative processes, through the sharing of knowledge and training on foreign markets;
6. Support the exporting companies to maintain and strengthen their position in markets where they are already established, as well as in new markets.

MARMO+MAC 2018 - Verona
News of the participation in the 2018 MARMO+MAC International Fair
Video of the participation in the 2018 MARMO+MAC International Fair


Activity 1 - Development of the Commercial Strategy
Activity 2 - Reputational Catalogue of the Sector
Activity 3 - Tools of Communication / Promotion / Sales
Activity 4 - Markets and International Networks
Activity - Promotional Action with International Prescribers
 News Informative Bulletin No.º 148 ANIET
News Portuguese Stone Affirms Itself Beyond Borders

Day 1
Video Guest Reception and Presentation of the Events' Program

Day 2
Video Visit to a Quarry and Transformation Unit of Limestone

Day 3
Video Visit to a Granite Quarry
Video 1 Video 2 Visit to two Transformation Units

Day 4
Video Visit to a Transformation Unit
Video Visit to the Salted Stones Park and Tree Houses
Video Visit to a Granite Quarry
Video Visit to Guimarães' Historic Center

Day 5
Video Conference
Video Visit to Leixões' Cruise Terminal
Video Visit to Porto's Oriental Park
Video Visit to the House of Music

Day 6
Video Visit to Porto's Historic Center
Video Closure - "Portuguese Stone - The Natural Path"

News Informative Bulletin No.º 149 ANIET
News Portuguese Stone - The Natural Path

Activity 6 - Promotional Actions in International Markets
Activity 7 - Second Edition - International Conferences